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What Is Scrip?

Make money while you shop by using Scrip.
Scrip means "substitute money" and is a program that alleviates the tuition burden for St. Mary's families. You can purchase a variety of gift cards which you use just like cash for the everyday purchases you already make such as groceries, clothes, medication and gasoline. Each purchase you make with scrip generates revenue that is applied toward the St. Mary's tuition fund of your choice.

The St. Mary's Scrip Program began in November 2004 and has had great success in helping participating families pay for tuition costs.

How does scrip benefit me?
Seventy-five percent of the revenue you generate is assigned to the St. Mary’s fund of your choice. The remaining 25% goes to the St. Mary’s Scrip Program to cover program operating costs, with any remaining profits going to the tuition assistance fund. You may assign your 75% to only one St. Mary’s fund. These funds include: 
- your family’s tuition account
another family’s tuition account
- the tuition assistance fund

Scrip inventory sales profits are attributed to the Parish General Fund, which has a financial obligation to the school. This in turn helps keep the cost of tuition down.

Who can enroll in the Scrip program?
Virtually anyone can enroll - St. Mary’s school and non-school families, general parishioners, non-parishioners, relatives, etc. Or, family and friends can order through your account and have their revenues attributed toward your designated St. Mary’s tuition fund. 

How is the revenue generated?
St. Mary’s Scrip Program buys the scrip from local retailers and our national supplier, Great Lakes Scrip. All scrip is purchased at a discount, and is resold to families like yours for full face value. Discounts are provided by retailers and range from anywhere between 2%-15%+. The discount amount set by retailers is the revenue earned for your St. Mary’s fund.

How does St. Mary’s Scrip operate?
1) An enrollment form is completed by the family. Return the enrollment form with your first order. Since scrip is an ongoing program, you may order as much or as little as you want at anytime.

2) Orders must be placed, paid for, and delivered to the St. Mary’s school office, parish office, or a weekend mass by 8:30 a.m. Monday mornings. All scrip transactions must be made in the designated scrip program pouch. One pouch is provided by the St. Mary’s Scrip Program. Replacement pouches are available for a $2 charge.

3) Orders are processed on Monday mornings and scrip will be distributed to you on Thursday. You have the choice to send the orders, payments, and scrip back and forth in the designated scrip pouch through your child’s Panther Pack system, your High School student, or you may personally make these transactions through the school office or parish office, located in the rectory.

4) Revenue credits are tracked in specialized software and applied to your designated St. Mary’s fund twice a year, in January and July. Status reports are also issued at these times. 

Enroll Now and Start Shopping! 
Revenue earned now is applied to next semester’s tuition.

A Scrip Example:
A local retailer is offering a 10% discount for scrip users. When you purchase $200 scrip from that retailer, the revenue earned is $20. Seventy-five percent ($15) goes into the St. Mary's fund of your choice and 25% ($5) stays with the scrip program to cover program costs with any remaining revenue going into the St. Mary's tuition assistance fund. In other words, you receive $200 with retailer plus $15 to the fund of your choice.

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